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Involve Everyone Around You

You've probably heard the expression 'It takes a village.' That holds for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.


Every amount helps, no matter the size.

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Stand Up 2 MS-walk

The MS Walk

Support the New York MS Walk and the team that StandUp2MS fundraises for and supports.

Founder Regina Schroeder has been actively fundraising on behalf of the Judith Jaffe MS Center MS Walk Team since 2011. 


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We need your help getting the word out about what StandUp2MS and Mind Brain Philanthropic are doing to support Multiple Sclerosis research.


Stand Up 2 MS

"Regina is a force of nature. She's quite a remarkable individual, a person of great integrity, and a person who innately gives whenever we ask something of her whether it's fundraising for Weill Cornell Medicine or for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

She doesn't hesitate to not just pitch in but really organize and drive the entire effort and this is despite her illness, her difficulty with walking, and severe fatigue. Despite those obstacles she is tireless, she never ever says no and she always gives it her all."

Dr. Tim Vartanian
Dr. Tim Vartanian, Professor of NeuroscienceBrain and Mind Research InstituteWeill Cornell Medical College 

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