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About StandUp2MS


The StandUp2MS Campaign

This campaign to raise $3MM has always been a collaborative effort between Regina and Ian, their neurologist Tim Vartanian, and you - all our friends and family. 

Regina’s sister Grace, the CEO of, and her VP of Sales, David Doerre came up with the idea to use comedy as a way to take our fundraising in a different direction. David was involved in the comedy scene in LA and through his inspiration, we put together a Comedy club benefit.  We have renamed the “$3MM Campaign” to support the ongoing MS research at Weill Cornell Medicine to “StandUp2MS.”

Stand Up 2 MS-walk

We contacted Gotham Comedy Club, and they gave us our mandate - fill the 300 seats at Gotham, and they would furnish us with some of the best comedians in NYC for a show - the first annual StandUP2MS comedy benefit on Monday, Sep 18, 2023.

At the same time, we need to get the word out there about what the money is going to accomplish.  David created a video series of the scientific investigators at Weill Cornell and The Rockefeller University, explaining the importance of the research they are doing for MS.  You can watch those videos here:

StandUp2MS is not just about the scientists.  We want to hear the voices of people who have MS, the ones that help care for those with MS, and the folks that support those with MS and their families.

StandUp2MS is facilitating just that, Standing Up. With compassion, knowledge, and of course money, scientific research is going to make the difference between a life of continuing debilitation, and one that reclaims lost ability from MS.  Stay tuned for the friends with MS interviews. Get the real story behind having MS, and what better therapies could mean for people with MS - MS’ers.

StandUp2MS's Fundraising Goal

The goal is to raise 3MM by the end of 2024 for an ongoing MS research collaboration between Vartanian Labs at Weill Cornell Medicine and The Rockefeller University.

The checks will be written to Weill Cornell Medicine no less than bi-annually.

We made our first donation of $25K in January, 2023.


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The StandUp2MS & Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation Team


Regina Schroeder, CEO & Founder

Regina Schroeder

CEO and Founder

Regina has Multiple Sclerosis and has helped raised more than $210k across MS platforms since 2012.

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Ian Green

Board Member

Board member Ian Green is a CPA and holds an MBA in Finance. 

Ian is the principal of Pendragon Capital Management in New York City.

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Rosanne Elkins

Board Member

Rosanne Elkins brings over 27 years of progressive development experience for non-profit organizations, including as Vice President for Development for the Denver Zoological Foundation.


StandUp2MS: a Testimonial

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